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    The Power of Persistence

    The Importance of Persistence

    “Impossible is just a word people use to make themselves feel better when they give up.”

    Dreams are tricky. On the one hand, a dream provides a goalpost for you to direct all your effort and aspirations toward. On the other hand, achieving your dream is not typically...

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    Writing Winning Job Descriptions

    In today’s booming job market, job seekers have a lot of opportunities and jobs to choose from. They’re also busy and worried about making the right career choice. Your job ad is the first glimpse a job seeker gets into your company and it needs to be an appealing one! Writing a winning job...

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    Improve Your Monday Mood

    Does the start of the week trigger anxiety, sadness, or overwhelming stress? According to a recent survey by Monster, 77% of Americans suffer from Monday morning blues. In fact, 76% of people start feeling the Monday morning blues on Sunday! Even if you love your job, but especially if you don’t,...

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    Proven Strategies for Recruiting Top Talent

    From manufacturing to research, the demand for skilled employees is at an all-time high, and companies can struggle to attract, recruit, and retain top talent. Job openings are at a 17 year high, and the unemployment rate is a low 3.9 percent. It’s no surprise that the competition for talent is...

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    Is Your Resume Being Ignored?

    You spent hours applying to jobs but haven’t heard anything back from the hiring managers. You feel like your resume is being ignored. Here are a few reasons why your resume may have fallen to the bottom of the stack.

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    What are Soft Skills and Why are They Important?

    Did you know: employers are focusing less on job-specific knowledge, technical knowledge or extensive experience. Instead, they want good communicators, problem solvers, and team players. These are considered soft skills, or personal attributes you need to thrive in the workplace.

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    Job Search Myths Busted

    With over 100 applicants per job posting, it can be discouraging to think that your resume will stand out from the crowd. The job searching period can be difficult and tedious. There is so much advice out there to consider when you’re in the thick of a job search. Let’s debunk some of the most...

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    5 Reasons to Accept a Temporary Job Offer

    Most job seekers have a negative connotation about temporary jobs. A job that doesn’t give a finite end to unemployment can seem valueless to a job seeker. Even if your end goal is to gain permanent employment, a temporary job can be a great stepping stone and can have some great benefits. Here are...

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    3 Key Questions to Ask on Your First Day

    The first day at a new job can be overwhelming. You’ve worked so hard during the interview process to convey why you were the best candidate. Now, it’s time to prove why you are the best. The best way to prove your worth and exceed your bosses expectations is to ask questions — a lot of questions!...

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    New Year…New Goals

    Every year on January 1st, people choose a list of resolutions that they want to accomplish in the new year. As we all know, these resolutions are usually ditched by March, or sooner. If you want to make a lasting change in the new year, try to set a specific goal that is attainable. While...

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