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    Top 4 Reasons Hospitality Businesses Need to Partner with a Staffing Agency

    Hospitality businesses need to find the perfect staff to provide excellent customer service, represent the company well, and keep things running smoothly. The best way to find these ideal candidates is by partnering with a staffing agency that specializes in the placement of talent within the...

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    Employer of Record – Everything You Need to Know

    What is an EOR?

    An Employer of Record (EOR) is an organization that handles the hiring and compensating for employees on behalf of another company.

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    A Brief History of Staffing

    The staffing industry has gone through many changes since the first agency was founded in 1906. Staffing agencies operate within the business services industry, finding workers for client companies. Unlike recruitment companies, staffing firms primarily deal with temporary and contract positions....

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    Productivity in a Remote Work Environment

    According to a GWL survey, 71% of Americans currently work remotely at least one day a week. Of those who are working remotely, 77% report that they are more productive when remote. Remote work is working from anywhere other than the office, so your home, a café, or even outside.

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    Benefits of Working with a Staffing Agency

    COVID-19 Within the Hospitality Industry & 2021 Forecast

    The onset of COVID-19 caused an immediate halt to business operations across multiple industries, and the hospitality sector was no exception. The global pandemic nearly decimated the industry overnight, some faring better than others. The most successful organizations were able to immediately...

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    Benefits of a Behavioral Interview

    What is Behavioral Interviewing?

    Behavioral interviewing focuses on a candidate’s past experiences by asking candidates to provide specific examples of how they have demonstrated certain behaviors, knowledge, skills, and abilities. Answers to behavioral interview questions should provide...

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    Driving Motivation in the Workplace

    As the race to recruit and retain employees becomes more difficult in this tight labor market, there has been a significant focus on the compensation and benefits an organization can provide to its prospective and current employees. As important as compensation and benefits are, we know they are...

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    Contingent Workforce – Everything You Need To Know

    What is a contingent workforce? Contingent workers are not considered employees of a company. Instead, they work under a contract or on a temporary basis. Unlike permanent employees, their retention depends on the continued existence of the job at hand. If a company has a specific job that needs to...

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    Why You Should Upskill Your Employees

    Upskilling — training workers so that they can fill more advanced roles in an organization — is gaining increased interest from companies, driven in part by today’s tight talent market. Upskilling is a crucial tool that more of today’s organizations must consider as a way to bridge gaps related to...

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