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    Writing Winning Job Descriptions

    In today’s booming job market, job seekers have a lot of opportunities and jobs to choose from. They’re also busy and worried about making the right career choice. Your job ad is the first glimpse a job seeker gets into your company and it needs to be an appealing one! Writing a winning job description is crucial in attracting top talent. Use these steps to create winning job descriptions that attract the right people for your business.

    Use a clear job title

    Avoid “made-up” titles that include uncommon words which will negatively impact your job’s ranking in search results. If you want to hire a Call Center Agent and instead advertise for a “Sales & Marketing Specialist,” you’ll likely attract the wrong people and miss out on qualified candidates. Likewise, using terms like “ninja” or “rockstar” can also deter applicants from applying to your post.

    Sell your job

    As you write your job description, keep your ideal applicant in mind. Provide enough information and description to help him or her visualize themselves in the position. Why should a candidate leave their current job for yours? Why should a candidate choose your position over others? A job ad is a great place to show everything your position offers them. Make sure to include all responsibilities, benefits, and job tasks. Think of this as a high-level overview of the job’s main responsibilities that will help the job seeker know if the position is right for them. Include relevant keywords to help your posting be found in search results. It’s important to be as accurate as possible about what the job will entail so the candidate can understand a ‘day in the life’.

    Sell your company

    Your job ad is your chance to offer candidates a glimpse of your company culture. Consider including links to testimonials from your employees or photos of team activities. Emphasize what makes your organization unique. Consistently communicating your unique perks in your job descriptions will have the added benefit of bolstering your employer brand. Even if you’re a small company that isn’t widely known, job seekers will begin to keep an eye out for openings at your company if they know you’ve got a lot to offer. Candidates also want to know where your company is headed. After all, they’re the ones who are going to help shape and execute these plans.

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