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    Seasonal and Temporary Employees – Making Them Feel Welcome

    Seasonal and temporary employees can be a huge asset to your team. You’re able to hire them to fill the gaps when you need some extra help during peak seasons without the commitment of a full-time employee that you might not necessarily need. It’s common for temporary employees to feel like outsiders at the companies they’re working for. While these employees may be part of your team for only a short period of time, it is no excuse to make them feel unwelcome at your company. Here are a few ways to ensure your contingent workers are a vital part of the team, ultimately increasing productivity (who doesn’t want that!).

    Have an onboarding procedure

    We all know the importance of an onboarding procedure for your full-time employees. It is still vital to have an onboarding procedure for temporary employees, too! Welcome your temporary employee in the same way you would if they were a full-time member of your team. This includes giving them a tour of the facility, introducing them to key individuals, and assigning them a buddy or mentor who can answer their questions. Be sure to provide any training that’s unique to your office, and review relevant HR policies with them.

    Set their workspace up

    It’s easy to feel like an oversight when no one has planned for your arrival. Make sure their desk, phone, computer and everything else they need is ready to go from day one. People feel valued when they walk into work on their first day and there’s a space waiting for them.

    Offer feedback

    One common reason people take a temporary or seasonal job is to gain experience. If they are doing a great job, tell them! If they need to improve something, offer them constructive feedback. Don’t forget about on-the-job training – you still want your temporary employees to have the same great quality of work as your regular, full-time employees.

    Immerse temporary employees into your culture

    Even though your temporary hires may only be with your company for a short time, it’s still essential that they fit into your culture. Include the temporary staff in company meetings, lunches, or other outings. Invite them to be involved in any team bonding or office activities. The more a temporary employee feels connected within the company, the more motivated they’ll be to show up every day and get the job done.

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