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    Attracting Top Talent With Employer Branding

    Quality candidates can be hard to find, especially in this candidate-driven market. Finding these types of A-list candidates isn’t actually the first step of the process. In fact, employers are likely to find that previously successful recruiting strategies are becoming irrelevant, especially with Gen Z entering the workforce. Employers and recruiters need a way to attract top candidates and sell them on the employers and positions. If you want your company to be in the running for the best talent, then it’s important to build, maintain, and promote a quality employer brand.

    What is an Employer Brand?

    Employer branding refers to the way organizations differentiate themselves from competitors in the market for employees. What is your company’s reputation among your workers? How is it as a place to work? Are you paying attention to your Glassdoor rating? How about your LinkedIn page? We guarantee your audience is. These are all important questions, and they all contribute to your employer brand.

    The best ways to develop and maintain a quality employer brand are:

    • 79% of job seekers look at a company’s social media when applying for a job¹.
    • 69% of job seekers look at the company website when applying for a job²
    • 61% of job seekers look at online professional networks when applying for a job (e.g. Glassdoor). In fact, Candidates trust the company’s employees 3x more than the company to provide credible information on what it’s like to work there³.

    This means that most of the candidates you interact with will already have an image of your company, especially those candidates who have the most employment options.

    Communication with Candidates

    Once you have developed an employer brand that showcases your company’s value, it’s time to bridge that into communications with job seekers. Figuring out ways to cut through the noise and reach passive candidates through meaningful exchanges is key to deepening your talent pool and hiring the best workers. It’s important to provide a positive, consistent, fair and engaging interview and hiring journey. Once you’ve initiated contact with target talent, keep potential candidates engaged through regular communication. This might include landing pages that show videos relevant to job roles posted or sharing stories from current employees about their own experiences.

    Employer brand enables those outside your organization to understand your purpose, vision, and culture. It is already becoming an important factor in attracting top talent and will become increasingly important in the coming years.


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