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    Seasonal Hiring: Essential Recruiting and Hiring Tips

    The labor market is tight and finding skilled workers is increasingly more difficult which is why one retailer has started it’s seasonal hiring plan earlier than ever. If your business picks up at certain times of the year you may turn to seasonal workers to fill the gap.

    Recruiting Strategies for Hiring Seasonal Employees

    Finding qualified candidates interested in seasonal work can be challenging. While hiring students on school break or people looking for second incomes is a typical approach, there are other tactics, including:

    1. Plan ahead. Get a jump start on the competition by creating your seasonal hiring plan early. It is also important to stick to any deadlines you make. This will only help you build a more extensive pipeline of candidates, and will ensure that you make contact with those qualified candidates before your competition.
    2. Use your previous employees to your advantage. If you have created a great seasonal work environment for your previous employees, they are going to want to come back every season! Make these candidates your first choice when this time comes around again next year. Rehiring your previous employees will get you a great headstart on your hiring.
    3. Hire your customers. Although often overlooked, enticing your own customers to become employees can be a fantastic source of seasonal workers. Your best customers may be interested in working for you temporarily to earn employee discounts or support your business brand. Plus, they already love and support your company.
    4. Ask employees for referrals. Do your employees have friends or family looking for seasonal work? Are there incentives for submitting a referral? Consider starting an employee referral program that gives them a small bonus at the end of the season for each employee that successfully works throughout the season.
    5. Use social media. Social media can be a great way to find your seasonal employees. Post your job opening and profile some of the previous seasonal employees to highlight the work environment, bonuses, and perks of the job.
    6. Participate in a job fair well in advance. Taking part in a career event will help you meet potential candidates in larger numbers

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