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    The Value of Video Interviewing

    There is no doubt that video interviewing is a game-changer for modern recruitment. There are so many benefits of video interviews including giving recruiters better ways to quickly assess a candidate’s focus, confidence, skill, and overall experience levels. Video interviewing is the process of conducting an interview by utilizing video technology. There are two common types of video interviews: a pre-recorded video submitted by the candidate to the employer or a live video interview in which the employer and the candidate connect face to face through a webcam.

    Why video interviewing?

    1. To reduce scheduling challenges

    By replacing tasks like resume reviews and phone screens with an on-demand video interview, you remove the need to synchronize candidates and calendars. The candidate can then answer the questions at a time that is most convenient to them and the recruiter can review the videos at a later time.

    2. To create a positive experience for candidates

    57% of candidates prefer live video interviews, while 34% prefer in-person interviews and ONLY 9% prefer one-way pre-record video assessment tools. For all workers, but especially with the new workforce, Gen Z, candidate experience is of utmost importance. Most candidates prefer a mobile-friendly application experience, which video interviews can provide.

    3. To hire faster and more cost-efficiently

    Phone screening takes about 30 minutes on average, which adds up quickly when you’re interviewing a large pool of applicants. Instead, with video interviewing, recruiters and hiring managers can typically get the same output in half the time. This allows recruiters to see more people and progress the right candidates to the next stage of the hiring process. In fact, live video interviews are 6x faster than phone interviews and a 5-minute live video is equal to a 200 question assessment. Wow!

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