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    How is Technology Changing the Recruiting Industry?

    While the principles of a well-written job description are still important, traditional recruiting is not working like it once was . Recruiting and staffing agencies that don’t keep up with the changing technology trends will fall behind
    According to a recent survey from worldwide recruiter  Hays , 73 percent of employers say their industry has a moderate to extreme skills shortage and 92 percent say the shortage is negatively affecting their business . Luckily, with new recruiting techniques, it is easier to find and build a candidate pool than ever before

    Businesses must be proactive

    A business can longer wait and see if the perfect person will stumble across their job ad. Instead, when trying to attract top talent, businesses are working twice as hard to grow their candidate pool . With targeted advertisements, employers can ensure that their job listings are reaching more candidates . Targeted ads have proven effective. Ads that run for 30 days or more generally earn 40-100% more views than un-targeted ads. But,  over 70% of marketers fail to target consumers with behavioral data. This is an area of improvement that can make or break the recruiting model. Women on their phones

    Dependency on online sourcing

    Recruiters should take advantage of social platforms and online job boards. These tools can bring candidates and employers together faster. In the end, this results in a shortened recruiting effort. Online sourcing has become one of the biggest trends in the recruiting industry. It gives recruiters instant access to a larger candidate pool that they didn’t have before . More time saved means more time earned. This will lead to a tangible impact for the business.Person using tablet

    Meeting candidates where they are

    20 years ago, a job seeker would have to meet potential employers in person. In today’s web-based recruiting model, job seekers and employers can meet in a variety of settings . This is especially important for millennial job-seekers as they begin to take over the workforce . They expect their employer to interact with them on different platforms. This means that there should be an emphasis on keeping social platforms and job postings up-to-date .

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