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    Revolutionizing the Contact Center Sector

    In today’s on-demand culture, companies that wish to maintain a competitive edge need to pay careful attention to their customer’s needs. A contact center is a way that a company takes the pulse of their consumer base via survey sampling. Contact centers are also a way to address problems, take care of complaints, and build an ongoing customer loyalty to the brand.

    The Automated Voice System

    Contact centers are difficult to staff with high-quality individuals on a consistent basis. The pace is relentless, the expectations considerable, and the turnover is high. The automated voice system was developed in order to allow customers the ability to solve some problems without the help of an agent. In turn, this would allow companies to hire fewer agents and increase overall productivity. Instead of the labor force being tied up with simple requests, the agents are available to solve more complex requests.

    The Importance of Interpersonal Contact

    The drawback of this platform is the frustration from customers who want to talk to a human about their difficulties. Recently developed voice systems now recognize verbal directions and are able to deliver specific information based on the actual request. The most successful contact centers are those that allow customers to contact agents rapidly and in person.

    Negative Response Rate Metric

    The negative response rate is a popular trend in the contact center sector. Amazon, for example, has utilized NRR with great success.  Rather than measuring average call times, NRR is a performance-based assessment. NRR aims to ultimately satisfy the customer’s issues.

    These calls are frequently longer in duration and more complicated in nature. They seek to leave the customer completely satisfied with the service they receive. This solution is not only more labor-intensive but also requires additional skills of the call center agents. Contact center staff need to have strong interpersonal skills to ensure the positive resolution of a customer complaint. According to the CFI Group’s Contact Center Satisfaction Index, 41% of consumers expect an agent to recommend products and services, and 43% of them are receptive to such a pitch.


    In a time when business is increasingly customer-driven, customer satisfaction drives repeat purchase, instills brand loyalty, and promotes positive referral. And, in the contact center industry, NRR metrics appear to be a significant component of this success.