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    All About Headway’s Operations and Recruitment Team

    We asked two members of our operation and recruitment team some important questions about day-to-day activities in the Headway office. Here are their answers:

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    Project Spotlight: National Survey of Drug Use and Health (NSDUH)

    The project has been ongoing since 1988 and is sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The NSDUH survey collects data to identify underserved communities that are in need of substance abuse and mental health facilities. Other government agencies also use...

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    Project Spotlight: National Survey of Child and Adolescent Wellbeing

    NSCAW III is a national study of children who have had contact with the child welfare system or are at risk of abuse or neglect. This study collects child and family-level data from children, their current caregivers, and their caseworkers, and may take place in various locations including homes,...

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    Survey Research: Duration and Manageability

    Survey projects run the gamut from small-scale, localized questionnaires at a single facility to broad, nationwide investigative surveys that involve hundreds of data collectors. While surveys can be conducted incrementally, with methodology increasingly refined from one to the next in conjunction...

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    Survey Research: Data Quality

    The goal of every survey project is the accumulation of high-quality data. There are various factors which influence the quality of the data obtained during the course of the survey project: the nature of the survey, the data collection workers and the response rates acquired.

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    Survey Research: Project Costs

    The cost of any given survey project depends upon a multitude of factors and can vary dramatically from project to project, ranging from the economical self-administered online surveys to the more costly in-person interview surveys. The expenses of a given project, however, extend beyond the...

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    Survey Research: Project Implementation (Cost, Data Quality, Duration and Manageability)

    Staffing Challenges of Political Campaigns

    Polling, Campaigns, and Elections

    The electoral process has been significantly transformed over the years.

    The scientific name for polling is psephology, which literally translates to ‘voting by pebbles’. The first evidence of this comes to us from ancient Greece where pebbles were placed in...

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