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    Questions to Ask Yourself Before Applying for a Job

    In this very competitive job market, job seekers need to stay focused and bring their “A game” to every opportunity they pursue. Carelessly submitting resumes to hundreds of online job postings won’t get your far. So, before you spend another minute filling out yet another online job application, ask yourself these questions before applying to make sure it’s worth your time.

    1. Do I meet the requirements?

    Before you apply for a job, carefully read the job requirements. Some job postings will include a ridiculously long wish list of qualifications that the company would like the ideal candidate to possess. Even if you “know” that you could do the job described, applying may be a waste of your time if you don’t meet most of the requirements. So, applying for a job without meeting most of the requirements and qualifications may not be worth your time.

    2. Does my resume mirror the job posting?

    When applying for a job online, you usually send in your resume to an applicant tracking system or ATS. These bots help companies quickly sift through hundreds, even thousands of applications to find the most qualified applicants. The ultimate goal is to have your resume pass the ATS and eventually make it into the hands of a human. But, how do you make it past the bots? One of the easiest ways is to mirror the language used in the job post. This doesn’t mean to copy the description word for word, but using some of the same language and descriptive words can help your resume pass the test. Read more about other ways to make it past the ATS bots

    3. Do I want this job?

    Hopefully, this employer is already on your list of target employers. If not, do some checking to be sure that this is a good place to work. You will be better prepared to do an excellent job of applying, and your knowledge will demonstrate your interest in the employer in a job interview. When you apply for a job you really want, your enthusiasm will show in the quality of your application and interview.

    4. Is my online presence a representation of my professional self?

    After applying to job after job with no results, one might wonder, “What am I doing wrong?” Yes, rewriting your resume and cover letter are great ways to improve your chances of getting noticed. However, have you considered that maybe an employer has already gotten a glimpse of you? That’s right! I’m talking about your social media presence, and how it could be disqualifying you for the job before you even apply. According to a 2018 CareerBuilder survey, 70 percent of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process.

    To see what employers see when they review your social media, log out of your social media accounts and then do an online search by typing your full name into Google. Any social media platforms that you use will show up in the search results and from there, you can have a firsthand glimpse into what employers see when they screen your profile. Need more tips on updating your social presence? Keep reading here.

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