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    Is Your Resume Being Ignored?

    You spent hours applying to jobs but haven’t heard anything back from the hiring managers. You feel like your resume is being ignored. Here are a few reasons why your resume may have fallen to the bottom of the stack.

    1. Your resume isn’t tailored

    Submitting the same resume to every job posting is not helping your chances of getting a job. Instead, your resume should be tailored to the job posting and should mirror the language used. That means paring down what you’re including on your resume and making it applicable to the job posting at hand. So, take the extra time to get it right.

    2. Your resume is difficult to read

    When you submit your resume online, it is usually not read by human eyes first. Instead, it has to first pass through the Applicant Tracking System bots. There are a few simple steps to make sure your resume can pass the bots. For example, mirroring the job posting and saving your resume as a PDF are great ways to pass the ATS bots. Sending your resume as a PDF ensures that employers see your resume as you want them to.

    3. You don’t prove why you are a good fit

    Your resume needs to prove why you are a good fit for the position. You have a very small space to work with on a resume and every inch should be formatted to prove why you are the best candidate. This is your chance to show off how you delivered results and made an impact in your last position. Instead of saying the duties you performed, use metrics or results-driven evidence that proves your expertise.

    4. You’re applying at a bad time

    Did you know there are better and worse times to apply for a job? The team at SmartRecruiters, who power the recruitment software for major companies in Canada and the US, analyzed over 270,000 jobs over two years to look for patterns in job search and hiring behavior. Their findings show that most jobs are posted earlier in the week, with the heaviest concentration on Tuesdays. The report from SmartRecruiters notes: “Candidates that are actively searching for job opportunities and applying for jobs when they first open will have a greater chance of getting noticed and getting in on the first wave of interviews.”  Similarly, the data found that most candidates apply for jobs at approximately 2:00 in the afternoon. The team at SmartRecruiters found that applying between 11:30 and 12:30 is the best.

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