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    Should You Apply for a Job You Aren’t Completely Qualified For?

    Have you ever found a job opportunity that seems like the perfect fit for you? You read through the job post, and realize you are a few years off on experience or don’t have some of the required skills. Since you aren’t qualified, you decide to write it off and apply for another job that fits your skill level.

    It might seem logical to only go after jobs you are qualified for, but it is a limiting mindset and might cut off some amazing opportunities. If you think you can add value to the company and perform the role well, apply for it! The worst answer you can receive is “no”. It is important to keep in mind, that if you are completely unqualified for a position, you should not apply. This could leave your name in a bad light.

    How to get a job you are underqualified for:

    When looking at a job listing, don’t let the long list of required skills and job description intimidate you. Many employers will agree that some of the skills listed in the job description are merely a wish list. Most of the time, employers aren’t looking for an exact match, but rather someone that works well in a team, is willing to learn, and embodies the company culture.

    One way to prove you can add value is to showcase your transferable skills. Connect the dots between the skills you already possess and how they relate to the job description. If you are missing some key hard skills, showcase your soft skills and how you have used them to accomplish goals in previous positions. By doing this, will show your future employer that you are versatile.

    Above all, write a resume that shows you can do the job and display enthusiasm and confidence that you can perform this role. Back this up in your cover letter and be prepared with examples for the interview. 

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