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    Data Collection: The Advantage of a Traveling Team

    Research surveys frequently require timely data collection from specific geographies. In an era of declining response rates and decreased funding for field interviewer training, a traveling data collection team provides a reliable solution for high-quality data gathering.

    An Experienced Team

    A traveling team assembled from a pool of highly qualified candidates. The benefit of an experienced traveling team is critical when field interviewers are not immediately available in the needed areas.

    A Focused Team

    Inevitably, field interviewers hired in their home geographies are juggling multiple commitments. Interviewers may have multiple jobs in addition to the obligations of their personal lives. However, a deployable data collection team travels with a specific task and are readily available.

    Obtaining High-Quality Data

    Getting high-quality data is always the desired outcome of any data collection effort. A traveling field interviewer team has an immediate flexibility. This allows them to acquire data in a manner that best accommodates the needs of the respondents. The dedicated effort by an experienced team is key to maximizing both survey response rates and the quality of the resultant data.

    Headway in Research is proud to offer an experienced data collection team who can be deployed nationwide for the efficient gathering of high-quality data to serve the market and social research survey sectors.