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    Boost Motivation in the Workplace

    Does your staff drag themselves to their cubicle every day? Is laughter a faint memory? You might not have known this but your employees might need a boost of motivation at work. Companies don’t usually aim for low morale in the workplace but, unfortunately, they do. Tight deadlines and last-minute client requests all result in managers failing to take a look at the bigger picture from their employee’s perspective.

    After all, low morale can lead to poor staff cooperation, low productivity and a higher turnover rate – which all ultimately can prevent a business from reaching its goals.

    Here are a few tips to help your employees get the motivation they need to enjoy spending their days at work:

    1. Conference roomCreate a unique company culture. Quick! What’s the first company that comes to mind when you think “awesome company culture”? I instantly think of Google. Although the company invests thousands of dollars a year into office space and culture which may seem impossible for a company like yours, it actually is possible for smaller companies to create a unique company culture as well. Celebrate special occasions like staff birthdays; Make time for fun, and (occasionally) get out the office for some fresh air. Does the CEO stop by the common area and chat with his or her employees? Small gestures to help the employee feel as though they are valued at the company will go a long way
    2. Employee recognition. Engaged Employees are a boost to any business’ goal. Most office environments have an uninviting atmosphere and does not encourage genuine excitement. Ask your staff to nominate and vote for employees of the month to be announced and recognized at monthly meetings. Try calling an employee to your office to thank them. They will be especially surprised and pleased to receive your gratitude since most employees assume something is wrong when called into a supervisor’s office.
    3. Promote from within. Because they already know the company and the culture, internally promoted employees have a leg up instead of having to go through the dreaded onboarding process in the way external hires might. They also have the background knowledge and insight to company culture already that an external hire would not have. In fact, a research study has shown that internally promoted employees perform better than external hires.
    4. Say thank you. This one’s the easiest. When you say it, be specific and genuinely mean it. Appreciation goes a long way and always increases morale. Or, if you’re feeling extra generous, an influential method for recognizing your employees efforts: personal letters.