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    Didn’t get the job? Here’s what to do.

    You felt like your resume was superb because you listed all the skills, you felt great about your phone interview with the recruiter, but you didn’t get a call back from the hiring manager.

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    Then, out of the blue, you received an automated email, thanking you for your time and telling you that someone more qualified was selected for the job. You’re disappointed. All you need is one chance to prove that you can handle this job! Many people have been in this same situation. You’re certainly not alone. Well, what do you do next?

    Our research recruiter, Emily Power, gives some helpful advice.
    “If you have a strong rapport with your recruiter (which most of my candidates do) I would suggest politely reaching out to see why I was not selected. But sending a thank you is always good protocol; your recruiter/company/HR will usually remember that and keep you in mind for the future!”

    Emily Power
    Emily Power, one of our many research recruiters

    Ask the recruiter to keep your information on file and to let you know if any jobs become available in your area where they believe you’d be a good fit. Keep in mind many people apply for these positions so it’s important to stand out.

    The key is to act as professionally as possible, so you won’t burn any bridges with your network – because you never know when another job will open up that fits your background, skills, and experience. The best thing you can do is use it as a learning experience and gracefully move on to other opportunities. Don’t give up!