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    Field Support for Field Researchers: What to expect

    If you’re excited about being in the field to collect important survey data for your community,  you’re not alone. Every field researcher is assigned a Field Supervisor and they’re very excited to assist you in your journey. Field Supervisors aren’t just supervisors—they empower the efforts of each and every Field Interviewer/Data Collector who relies on them. They arrange assignments and help manage the overall data collection process.


    Call them your support system. Call them lifelines. But always remember to call them if and when you have a question or need some additional guidance! They’re the pro’s when it comes to the study you’re working on and they know the rules inside and out.

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    When you attend training, Field Interviewers are introduced to their Supervisors. Since this is a person who will help you make the most of your time, the first meeting you have with them is sure to be the start of a win-win relationship. By staying in constant contact with your Supervisor, you’ll feel supported, educated and have access to the insider knowledge that only a seasoned Supervisor can provide.

    Field supervisors are usually responsible for supervising 10-20 field interviewers. They have frequent contact with interviewers and are responsible for the oversight of all aspects of their assigned field interviewers, ensuring success of the researcher and steady completion of assigned cases.

    If you have several years experience as a field interviewer or data collector, you should consider being a Field Supervisor!