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    Recruiter Tips with Beth Koziara


    Q: What’s a tip you’d like to share with someone who’s applying to one of our positions?
    A: I like to see that they have taken the time to attach a resume to their application.  Some applicants answer a few questions and choose to submit their resume at a later date. I pass these people up, searching, FIRST, for those who take the time to attach their resume, to begin with.  If someone is really interested in a position, it seems they will take the time to complete as much as possible when applying for the position.

    Q: How can someone make their application stand out from others in the pool?  
    A: I like to see that someone actually lists the correct objective on their resume.  If they have used this resume for other positions, they need to update this before applying to our field interviewer position.  I do like to see that their objective actually has to do with the job they have applied to.  I look not only at someone’s actual job experience, but I like to see any volunteer work they may have done, that would be relevant to the position I am looking to fill.  Sometimes you can tell a little about people from the volunteer work and/or organizations that they are associated with.

    Q: What is an example of something an applicant has done that really impressed you during the recruiting process?
    It’s always nice when an applicant has done thorough research on the position and can translate that knowledge into questions. This helps to separate the candidate from the larger pack of interviewees and is impressive from a preparatory standpoint. Follow up is key as well; a simple thank you note via email does the trick.