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Headway Hospitality, our food, beverage, and hospitality staffing division, is offering a paid online COVID-19 sanitation training for hospitality Texas gig-workers.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to significantly impact many industries - especially hospitality, food and beverage, and accommodation. Fortunately, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. States are re-opening with new rules and regulations regarding COVID-19 best practices. As your restaurant ramps up, you will need front and back-of-house staff who are trained and well-versed in these practices. Headway Hospitality is offering $50 to the first 400 hospitality workers who complete an online safety and sanitation training on COVID-19. Each trainee will also receive free ServSafe food handler certification if needed. According to one trainee, Andrea S., the COVID-19 Gig Ready training included, “Lots of knowledgeable facts on the new normal way to work in the hospitality industry. Not just the industry but overall great information to know about COVID-19.”

While your restaurant or bar business may be stalling, we can help you ramp up once your restaurant or bar re-opens. You download an app and fill the positions you need with our COVID-19 sanitation trained staff who have completed the training. Headway's controlled online marketplace matches your staffing requests with an on-demand, qualified workforce. You can place on-demand requests for staff the moment you know you need it, while also having the ability to request the same team working the same roles across a schedule.

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Need COVID-19 Sanitation Trained Front- & Back-of-House Staff? Let us get your restaurant up and running fast.

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